undefinedStreaming devices have come a long way.  We used to have a full-tower HTPC humming along next to our TV.  Now we have any number of sticks plugged into the back of the TV, silently waiting to feed us from an array of online and local content providers.

In the last few weeks, we've become a split-ecosystem household.  Chromecast dominates the daytime - Its Youtube streaming can't be beat.  Simply find the videos you want on your phone and cast it to the TV.  Egg-opening videos and Sesame Street songs all day - Joy!

The night has become the sole domain of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  The amount of content you get as a Prime member is amazing!  We started our Firestick voyage by binge watching Stargate SG1.  It has 10 seasons and a couple spin-offs so we'll be busy with that show for some time, but once we do finish it off there's already a growing list of shows we want to watch.

On top of all the online content available, both devices support the excellent Plex software for the streaming of local content.

What about you guys - Do you stick with a particular device / ecosystem?  Anything we should put on our "must watch" list once we're done with Stargate?