undefinedI cancelled some Subscribe & Save items last month.  Unfortunately, due to some oddness with addresses, Amazon still shipped them.  When I requested a refund I received 4 separate labels. I wasn't sure if I could return all the items in one box or if I had to ship them in 4 separate boxes.

To the ChatMobile!

Jasmine: Do you have a packing slip for each of the items?

Jasmine: As long as you have the slips as well, you are able to place on label on the box that you would like to ship the items in. Just be sure to place all of the packing slips for each item into the box as well. That is the only way we will be able to assure that each item is received and processed correctly for your refund.

Woo!  As long as you include all the packing slips in the box Amazon will sort it out on their end.