undefinedLate in 2014, a number of news sites covered an exciting new feature coming out of Amazon HQ - Make an offer.  In theory, this would provide a bit of flexibility to the buyer and the seller versus fixed price.

I haven't heard much of it since and with good reason:  It's limited to a couple niche categories: Collectibles, Fine Art, and Used/Refurbished Personal Computer items.

Personally, I've never come across an item while shopping that had the "Make an offer" option available and I do my fair share of Amazon shopping.  Okay, it's pretty much the only place I shop unless someone drags me out of the house or I need meat.

In general, any "make an offer" system can have flaws.  Ebay sellers know this - you get inundated with lowball offers and bizarre stories.  Setting an auto-reject lowest offer threshold clears that up most of the time.  Additionally, the option is well... optional.

As a buyer, it would be amazing if more items had a little bit of wiggle-room, at the sellers discretion.

It seems win-win.