Author Topic: Beats Pill XL Boxes/Accessories - Fake vs. Real  (Read 2727 times)

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Saturday, Aug. 1st, 2015 01:42PM
Beats Pill XL Boxes/Accessories - Fake vs. Real
Lots of fake Beats Pill XLs out there, with a lot of online documentation on them. There are some good ones too. I might post a comparison on those. But for now, here are some items I've noticed you happen to get one in a retail box.

I purchased one that had a serial number, and I even asked the seller (who had a negative for selling other fake Beats stuff), if it had a valid S/N and that I'd be checking with Apple. He said yes. It came, felt off, checked with Apple, invalid serial.

It is important to note that the online form for the recall will not reject you if you put in the serial that I got with it!! You must call Apple. Probably just attribute that to poor communication between the recall dept and Beats dept -- as I'm sure they put that form up quick when the recall was issued.

So here's some comps...

Fake box is made of cheap cardboard. You can see the corrugation in it on the inside, the white dye is less bright/clean:

Fake on left. Real on right.

Also note that the real Beats boxes are glued shut on the left and right flaps, about a 3"/3" area which is super annoying to open. The fake ones are not glued. You can see residue of the real one at its top left. Note difference in glue on the fake (weird brown stuff) the held up the marketing/manual materials thing.

Fake left, real right

Close-up of the fake cheaper cardboard:

Difference in 3.5mm cables. Fake right, real left:

The AC adapter is the biggest giveaway. They didn't even try. But they DID bother to put a small Beats logo in the rear part. Why they went that far and didn't bother with anything else is a mystery... It's not even nearly the right size and feels like a typical cheap Chinese AC adapter.

Fake right, real left:

Lastly, the shipping box mine came in had the sticker on the top:

Which tells me that the guy is buying them like that, likely knowing they are fake. At this point, most sellers on eBay likely know there is a recall and that they can get $325. eBay goes through great pains to tell the seller, pull listings, warn when they list, etc. In fact the seller of this one had to put "Pill" as "P.ill" to avoid eBay's automatic keyword notice. So if you see a Beats going on ebay nowadays, be very careful, even if it has a serial.

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Saturday, Aug. 1st, 2015 02:31PM
Some other items of note...

I've ordered two from this guy. First one came back from Apple saying it was fake (after I bought the second!).

And what do you know.... same serial numbers! (sorry I have the worst camera phone ever. new one coming soon...)

Also note, every other Beats I got has the serial number on a sticker in that area. This box has it printed right on the box. No sticker:

They also both came with this strap, which was packed in the box as-new even though it shouldn't come with them...

Lastly, again, sorry for the terrible focus. The S/N has no writing above it. I *think* every Beats has writing above it, on the rubber tag. Can anyone confirm that, or maybe post their tags, how they look?